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At East Providence Heritage Arts Inc. we’re raising funds to support, promote and celebrate arts and culture.  We believe that experiencing art and culture in all forms whether performance or visual, whether global or local is the thread that unites us. In advancing this belief we maintain that the arts should be accessible and affordable to all. To raise public awareness on the importance of the arts, we sponsor a variety of events. We envision championing the arts in all forms as key to sustaining economic growth and a diverse, resilient, strong and vibrant community. Please join us by supporting our mission and our events that are bound to make a measurable difference in the quality of life in our city and state.

Building A Brighter Future For The Arts

Rev up your support this NASCAR Day Giveathon 2024! Join East Providence Heritage Arts Inc. in our mission to champion Cultural Awareness, Performing Arts, and Theatre. Donate online from 8am EDT May14th-9pm EDT May15th. Fuel the arts, speed up change!

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